Frequently Asked Questions

How long does therapy take?

Every person comes to therapy with concerns that exist in the context of that person's own personal biological history and life experience. As such, each person's process and need will be different and the amount of time needed in therapy will vary.

What problems do you treat?

Dr. Bruce maintains a general practice but has expertise in treating a number of specific problems. Click here to see a listing of typical presenting problems that are part of Dr. Bruce's practice.

Do you take insurance?

Dr. Bruce is an in-network provider for Anthem Blue Cross and is a Medicare provider. Any PPO insurance plan can also be used and Dr. Bruce will work with you to help you utilize these benefits. Dr. Bruce will provide billing to aid in insurance reimbursement, as necessary.

What is your style? Do you do cognitive-behavioral therapy?

All good psychotherapy will naturally include some cognitive-behavioral techniques and Dr. Bruce's approach is no exception. However, Dr. Bruce's approach goes beyond this, to include a deeper level of exploration and, therefore, increased self-awareness. Dr. Bruce will help you gain a greater understanding of your own construction and of the unconscious conflicts and unexamined patterns in your life. By exploring how these conflicts and patterns have their root in your past and present, Dr. Bruce can help empower you to pursue the greater choices that exist for you in the present and future.

Do you see families?

Yes. Dr. Bruce works with all families and also has an expertise in working with high conflict families.

How expensive is testing and will my insurance pay for it?

Testing is somewhat expensive and insurance companies will usually not pay for it. As testing is often done for educational reasons or legal reasons, it is not often considered a medical necessity, and as such is not covered by most insurance policies. It is on a very rare occasion that an insurance company will pay for your testing. If you are seeking testing, you should, therefore, be prepared to pay for it out-of-pocket. The cost of testing varies according to the questions being addressed, and thus according to the extent of testing that is required. Please feel free to discuss your specific testing concern with Dr. Bruce in order to obtain the expected fee for that testing.

How do I make an appointment?

Please feel free to telephone the office directly at 310.271.2275 to make an appointment.