Dr. Indhushree Rajan

Direct tel: 424.285.3547 | indhushree@drpaulabruce.com

About Dr. Indhushree Rajan


Dr. Indhushree Rajan is a Licensed Psychologist (PSY 30808). As an educator, counselor, and advocate in the nonprofit sector and at-risk/alternative education system, Dr. Rajan has spent over 20 years working with child, adolescent, and adult survivors of complex trauma (physical, sexual, medical, and psychological). In clinical settings, she has done therapy and assessment work with survivors of complex trauma for nearly 10 years. She has spent her entire career working in diverse cultural and socio-economic communities in California and India. In the private practice setting, Dr. Rajan enjoys working with a diverse spectrum of clients of different ages and backgrounds, presenting with a wide range of clinical issues including: acute anxiety, depression, PTSD, personality disorders, and learning disabilities. Her extensive experience includes: working with the LGBTQIA community, artists, a wide range of people in the entertainment industry, people facing career or other life transitions, couples and individuals seeking help with dating and relationship issues, sexual issues, or problems stemming from divorce, and immigrant/first generation individuals and couples working through cultural assimilation and identity issues. In addition, Dr. Rajan has extensive experience working with older individuals and couples dealing with medical trauma, neurological issues, aging, and time-of-life transitions. Though she primarily works from a psychodynamic orientation, her approach to therapy is eclectic, in that she draws from a wide range of therapeutic modalities in treatment including: mindfulness practice, cognitive behavioral therapy, family systems, various expressive arts therapies (art, play, narrative, and narra-drama), and somatic/mind-body techniques. 

In addition to providing psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families, Dr. Rajan is available to conduct psychological assessment testing to optimize treatment planning and assist in differential diagnosis. Services are offered on a sliding scale basis to accommodate clients' current financial circumstances.

Direct tel: 424.285.3547