Dr. Diana Rivera

Direct tel: 323.606.8385 | diana@drpaulabruce.com

About Dr. Diana Rivera


Dr. Rivera believes that personal healing and social transformation go hand-in-hand. She values those qualities that make one human, while recognizing those issues that impact one's vitality, passion, purpose and ability to live at the highest level of potential within oneself, with loved ones, at work, in society. Dr. Rivera is dynamic, intuitive and committed to serving her diverse clients of all ages and of various ethnic, racial, gender and cultural backgrounds. Her clients are students, entrepreneurs, attorneys, parents/grandparents, artists and entertainment professionals, healers, activists, people in the LGBTQIA community, etc. She has successfully supported clients in regulating emotions, reducing moodiness, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. She has helped clients understand relational conflict, identity struggles, sexual disturbances, abuses and other traumas that impact daily functioning. She has worked with clients to improve their social-emotional skills at school, at work and in relationships, as well as other health related-concerns such as binge-purge eating disorders, cancer and other medical challenges. She has also served to help clients make the most out of life transitions, tap into one’s creativity, passion, purpose and develop motivation to go after one’s dreams.

Direct tel: 323.606.8385